Taisteal is great value, their five course tasting menu coming in at just £35 – it’s a good option if you enjoy fine dining style food but you’re on a budget


Taisteal is a pair of contradictions: it is simultaneously approachable and high quality; and it is familiar yet innovative

Riddle Magazine

We enjoyed our visit to Taisteal and look for reward to trying more delights as they start to establish themselves

Edinburgh Feasts

 An absolute jewel box of a restaurant!

Luxe List


Not content to merely celebrate the best of local ingredients, which are abundant, Craig mixes in a medley of international accents to produce a jet-setting meal

The Robb Report

The menu features a globetrotting mixture of ingredients and the best of Scottish produce – it wasn’t easy choosing as we wanted to try everything

Boys Eat Scotland

Gordon Craig gives equal attention to texture, presentation and flavour in these carefully crafted and cleverly devised dishes – the skill is evident as is a love of and nod to the Orient

Bite Magazine